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2004-06 IUPUI Campus Bulletin

The policies, regulations, and course descriptions that appear in this edition of the Bulletin are for the academic years specified. Curricular requirements are for students who entered the university or were admitted to a degree program during these specific academic years. As the "bulletin year" (the student's entry year) will be defined differently from school to school at IUPUI, consult your academic advisor to be sure you are using the appropriate edition of the Bulletin.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, IUPUI reserves the right to change without notice statements in this bulletin concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters. Consult your academic advisor to learn if changes have occurred that may affect you.

School of Social Work Mission Statement
Policy on Nondiscrimination
Undergraduate Programs Associate of Science in Human Services
Bachelor of Social Work
Admission Requirements
Educational Requirements
Selected Educational Policies
Graduate Programs Master of Social Work
Admission Requirements
International Students
Transfer Students
Non-M.S.W. Students
M.S.W. Programs of Study-Indianapolis
Two-Year Full-Time Program
Part-Time Day Program
Part-Time Saturday Program
Part-Time Evening Program
Advanced Standing Program
Master of Social Work Curriculum
Foundation Curriculum
Concentration Curriculum
Educational Requirements
Ph.D. Program
Admission Requirements
Application Deadlines
Educational Requirements
Qualifying Examination Process
Admission to Candidacy
Research Proposal
Final Examination
Pre-Doc Exploration Option
Professional and Academic Integrity Students' Rights and Responsibilities
Academic and Scholarly Guidelines
Electronic Communication
Student Misconduct
Indiana University School of Social Work Policy Regarding Individuals Convicted of Sex Offenses Against Children
Policy Statement
Student Services-Indianapolis Campus
Career Information
Financial Assistance
Student Organizations
Students with Disabilities
Courses of Instruction B.S.W. Courses
M.S.W. Courses
Ph.D. Courses
School Alumni
School of Social Work Administration
Faculty Emeriti
Associate Faculty

Field Agencies

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