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2004-06 IUPUI Campus Bulletin

The policies, regulations, and course descriptions that appear in this edition of the Bulletin are for the academic years specified. Curricular requirements are for students who entered the university or were admitted to a degree program during these specific academic years. As the "bulletin year" (the student's entry year) will be defined differently from school to school at IUPUI, consult your academic advisor to be sure you are using the appropriate edition of the Bulletin.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, IUPUI reserves the right to change without notice statements in this bulletin concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters. Consult your academic advisor to learn if changes have occurred that may affect you.

Labor Studies Division of Labor Studies
Certificate, Minor, and Degrees
Labor Studies (LSTU) Courses
Core Courses
Other Courses
Advanced Courses
Labor Studies Certificate and Degree Requirements Additional Requirements
Required Areas of Learning
Labor Studies Credit Hour Requirements
Application and Admission
Transferring Credit
Application Fees
Progress Options
College Level Examination Program
Independent Study by Correspondence
Credit for Military Service
Credit for Self-Acquired Competency
Transfer of Self-Acquired Competency Credit within Indiana University
Academic Policies Student’s Responsibility
Academic Standing and Progress
Academic Probation
Retaking Courses Previously Failed— FX Policy
Cheating and Plagiarism
Academic Forgiveness Policy for Former IU Students
Academic Forgiveness Policy for Students Dismissed from Other Institutions
Graduation with Honors
Confidentiality of Student Records
Withdrawal from Courses
Union Education Program
Fees and Fee Refund Policies and Schedule
Fee Reductions and Financial Aid
Labor Studies Administrative Officers IUPUI Labor Studies Faculty
IUPUI Labor Studies Professional Staff
Labor Studies Offices
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