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2004-06 IUPUI Campus Bulletin

The policies, regulations, and course descriptions that appear in this edition of the Bulletin are for the academic years specified. Curricular requirements are for students who entered the university or were admitted to a degree program during these specific academic years. As the "bulletin year" (the student's entry year) will be defined differently from school to school at IUPUI, consult your academic advisor to be sure you are using the appropriate edition of the Bulletin.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, IUPUI reserves the right to change without notice statements in this bulletin concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters. Consult your academic advisor to learn if changes have occurred that may affect you.

School of Law—Indianapolis
Faculty and Curriculum
Joint Degree Programs
Research Centers and Foreign Study Programs
Student Programs
Campus Visits and Additional Information

School of Law—Indianapolis

Located in the dynamic heart of Indiana, the Indiana University School of Law—Indianapolis operates in synergy with government, business, and the community to foster an environment where education flourishes. Founded as the Indiana Law School in 1894, the school has today emerged as a premier educational institution.

At its inception, the school’s purpose was to provide a place where those individuals who were engaged in building Indiana’s vibrant, young state capital could seek out the kind of quality legal education otherwise unavailable without great travel and expense. That same vision of excellence remains at the core of the law school today.


The IU School of Law—Indianapolis prepares students for a wide range of diverse and exciting careers. From practicing law to managing corporations, graduates of the law school excel not only in Indiana, but also across the country and around the world. Law school alumni have served in the highest offices in government, including the U.S. Vice Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

The Indianapolis legal and business communities offer opportunities for connections that no other law school in the state can provide. Many of the school’s adjunct professors come from some of the most prestigious law firms in the state. Additionally, an attorney-student mentor program allows students to meet a variety of area attorneys, judges, and business and government leaders in an informal setting.

Internships are available in a vast array of institutions, including banks, corporations, and government offices. Many internships also are available with local, state, and federal courts. Because of its location in an urban setting, the school is able to offer clinical programs designed to complement traditional legal education with experience beyond the classroom. With faculty supervision, students represent real clients in actual cases before Indiana courts through the Criminal Defense, Civil Practice, and Disability Clinics.

Faculty and Curriculum

Faculty members hold Doctor of Jurisprudence, master’s and doctoral degrees from nearly 50 different schools, offering students extensive and diverse views on the law and its career possibilities. Assembled from across the country, the faculty has distinguished itself with a wide variety of scholarly publications related to state, national, and international legal matters.

Relevant to the needs of today’s law students, the school’s curriculum is traditional in philosophy, yet flexible in content and structure. The curriculum offers numerous elective courses in addition to the basic core of introductory courses in civil procedure, contracts, criminal law, property, torts, and legal research and writing.

A student may pursue a J.D. degree on a full-time basis in the school’s day division or on a part-time basis through the evening program. Typically, a full-time student will complete the 90 required hours within three years, while a part-time student will do so within four years.

Joint Degree Programs

Joint degree programs are offered in cooperation with the IU School of Business, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and the Department of Public Health within the IU School of Medicine. These include: J.D. and Master of Business Administration
J.D. and Master of Public Affairs
J.D. and Master of Public Health
J.D. and Master of Science in Health Administration

Research Centers and International Programs

The school’s Center for Law and Health is one of the few law school programs in the country offering interdisciplinary opportunities for students of law and the health care industry. The center, which serves as an information resource on health care issues for the law and medical community, also provides students with an avenue for researching health law reform issues facing Indiana and the nation.

The Program on Law and State Government enhances the ties between the academic community and state government offices, providing a means of exchange of ideas on issues facing state governments, as well as creating opportunities for internships for students within Indiana state government.

The Program in International Human Rights Law is designed to promote legal study and scholarship in international human rights and to facilitate the placement of students as legal interns at international human rights organizations in this country and overseas. Since 1997, the program has coordinated 42 student placements in 33 countries.

The China Summer Program at Renmin (People’s) University of China School of Law in Beijing includes comparative aspects of Chinese and American law and features trips to local courts and nearby points of interest.

The Program in European Law, offered in Lille, France, at the Université de Lille II, includes course work in European Union law, English law, and continental legal systems. Students participate in field trips to legal institutions in four countries.

Additionally, the school’s LL.M. Program in American Law for Foreign Lawyers provides attorneys from other countries with an opportunity to learn about law and legal institutions in the United States. The program, established in 2002, further enhances the school’s ties to the international community.

Student Programs

The school’s two law reviews, the Indiana Law Review and the Indiana International and Comparative Law Review, provide invaluable opportunities for training in the analysis of legal problems and presentation of legal issues.

The Moot Court Program encourages the development of skills in oral advocacy. The Order of Barristers is composed of the best students in the program, and its members serve on regional and national teams, where they have achieved prominence in competitions.

The school also sponsors a variety of student organizations that focus on a number of discrete legal areas of interest to students. Additionally, the school invites a number of distinguished and well-known speakers to the school. Students hear lectures by legal scholars, historians, distinguished practicing attorneys, and jurists from around the country.

Campus Visits and Additional Information

We encourage you to visit us and meet with our staff and students. To arrange for a visit or request an application, please write or call our Admissions Office
IU School of Law—Indianapolis
530 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN, 46202-3225
telephone (317) 274-2459
We look forward to hearing from you.

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