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2004-06 IUPUI Campus Bulletin

The policies, regulations, and course descriptions that appear in this edition of the Bulletin are for the academic years specified. Curricular requirements are for students who entered the university or were admitted to a degree program during these specific academic years. As the "bulletin year" (the student's entry year) will be defined differently from school to school at IUPUI, consult your academic advisor to be sure you are using the appropriate edition of the Bulletin.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, IUPUI reserves the right to change without notice statements in this bulletin concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters. Consult your academic advisor to learn if changes have occurred that may affect you.

History of the School of Dentistry


List of Programs


Contact Information

Allied Dental Programs

Dental Hygiene

Associate of Science Degree
Admission Requirements
Tuition and Ancillary Fees
Core Courses for the Professional
Curriculum for Dental Hygienists
Bachelor of Science Degree


Dental Hygiene Faculty

History of the School of Dentistry

Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) is one of the oldest dental schools in the nation. It was established as the Indiana Dental College in 1879 and became part of Indiana University in 1925. In 1933, IU built a facility to house the school at its current site on what is now known as the Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis campus. Today this sprawling, five-story edifice is composed of the original building and two major additions. It is the only dental school in the Hoosier state.

The school’s reputation for excellence took firm root in the 1940s, when several key teachers and researchers began long and prolific careers on the dental faculty. It was during this era, for example, that three IU scientists, including dental professor Joseph Muhler, created the first stannous fluoride formula that became the active decay-preventing agent in Crest toothpaste. Dr. Muhler and other pioneering teachers at the dental school contributed a body of groundbreaking work that drew worldwide attention to Indiana University, and each left a legacy of knowledge that helped build the foundation for contemporary dental science.

Currently, 125 full-time and 115 part-time faculty members contribute to IU’s teaching and research programs, and many have earned solid reputations as experts in their fields. About 40,000 square feet of space divided into more than a dozen facilities is now devoted to dental research opportunities at IU, including the school’s Oral Health Research Institute, whose researchers have gained prominence for their studies of such subjects as fluoride and dental caries prevention.

More than 11,000 alumni of the school pursue a variety of careers in private practice, education, research, and public health throughout the United States and in more than 30 other countries.


IUSD is a member of the American Dental Education Association and is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association.

Its mission is to promote optimal oral and general health of Indiana citizens and others through educational, research, and service programs. The school is committed to recruiting quality students and preparing them to become highly competent, ethical, and socially responsible practitioners of dentistry. The school also sees as part of its responsibilities the creation of opportunities for career-long learning for its graduates and other dental professionals through continuing education programs.

The school strives to maintain its role as a vital and productive member of Indiana University’s scholarly community. It is dedicated to increasing the knowledge base in all areas related to oral health through an extensive research program that includes the participation of both faculty and students.

The school provides a broad spectrum of patient services as a principal means of furnishing clinical educational opportunities for students. More than 100,000 dental appointments are scheduled annually for a population of nearly 21,000 dental patients. Treatment is provided in the school’s clinics as well as at several other patient care facilities, including the pediatric dentistry clinic at IU’s Riley Hospital Outpatient Center, the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics at University and Wishard Memorial hospitals, and two clinics located in the community.

The dental school continually emphasizes to its students the importance of community service. Through collaborative partnerships with schools, health care centers, and other facilities in central Indiana, the school seeks to expose students to a variety of outreach experiences, particularly those involving special population groups. Students also are taught that part of their ongoing responsibilities as health care providers in the community will be to increase public awareness of the critical role oral health plays in one’s overall well-being.

List of Programs

About 635 students of allied dentistry, dentistry, and graduate dental programs currently are pursuing certificates and degrees on the Indianapolis campus. Programs are offered in the following subjects:


Certificate in Dental Assisting
Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene (A.S.D.H.)
Bachelor of Science in Public Health Dental Hygiene (B.S.)


Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)


Master of Science in Dentistry (M.S.D.) in a choice of eight subjects: Dental Materials, Endodontics, Operative Dentistry, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Preventive Dentistry, and Prosthodontics.
Two degrees are offered through the University Graduate School:
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Dental Materials
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Dental Science

Certificate in General Practice Residency (GPR)
Certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

*Undergraduate programs are also offered at several other IU campuses, accordingly: the dental assisting certificate and dental hygiene associate’s degree programs are available at the Fort Wayne, Gary, and South Bend campuses; the bachelor’s degree program for dental hygienists is offered at Fort Wayne; and an associate degree program in dental laboratory technology is offered only at Fort Wayne. Students interested in programs at Fort Wayne, Gary, and South Bend should check with counselors on those campuses for specific requirements, which may vary from those at Indianapolis.

Contact Information
Persons with an interest in applying to or learning more about any of the school’s programs should obtain a copy of the School of Dentistry Bulletin for a full account of the school’s rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters. Program details are also available on the IUSD Web site: (see Departments at
Information about Dental Hygiene presented in this bulletin pertains only to programs on the Indianapolis campus.

Requests for bulletins and other information should be directed to the following:

For the A.S.D.H. (Indianapolis campus), D.D.S., M.S.D., M.S., and Ph.D. degree programs:
Office of Admissions and Student Affairs
Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5186
Telephone: (317) 274-8173

For the Dental Assisting Program (Indianapolis campus):
Director of Dental Assisting
Department of Periodontics and Allied Dental Programs
Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5186
Telephone: (317) 274-4407

For the B.S. degree in Public Health Dental Hygiene (Indianapolis campus):
Director of Dental Hygiene
Department of Periodontics and Allied Dental Programs
Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5186
Telephone: (317) 274-7801

For the General Practice Residency or the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency:
GPR and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Programs
Department of Oral Surgery and Hospital Dentistry
1050 Wishard Blvd., Room 4201
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Telephone: (317) 278-3662
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