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2004-06 IUPUI Campus Bulletin

The policies, regulations, and course descriptions that appear in this edition of the Bulletin are for the academic years specified. Curricular requirements are for students who entered the university or were admitted to a degree program during these specific academic years. As the "bulletin year" (the student's entry year) will be defined differently from school to school at IUPUI, consult your academic advisor to be sure you are using the appropriate edition of the Bulletin.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, IUPUI reserves the right to change without notice statements in this bulletin concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters. Consult your academic advisor to learn if changes have occurred that may affect you.


Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

CHARLES R. BANTZ, Ph.D. - Vice President for Long-Range Planning and Chancellor, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

WILLIAM M. PLATER, Ph.D. - Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties

TRUDY W. BANTA, Ed.D. - Vice Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement

MARK L. BRENNER, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

ROBERT E. MARTIN, M.P.A. - Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

CHERYL G. SULLIVAN, M.S. - Vice Chancellor for External Affairs

KAREN M. WHITNEY, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Diversity

LILLIAN L. CHARLESTON, M.S. - Campus Affirmative Action Officer

NASSER PAYDAR, Ph.D. - Dean Indiana University–Purdue University Columbus

Indiana University

ADAM W. HERBERT, Ph.D. - President of the University

KENNETH R. R. GROS LOUIS, Ph.D. - Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Interim Chancellor, Indiana University


CHARLES R. BANTZ, Ph.D. - Vice President for Long-Range Planning and Chancellor, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

J. TERRY CLAPACS, M.B.A. - Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

MICHAEL A. McROBBIE, Ph.D. - Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer and Vice President for


STEVEN A. MILLER, M.B.A. - Treasurer of the University

CHARLIE NELMS, Ed.D. - Vice President for Institutional Development and Student Affairs

JUDITH G. PALMER, J.D. - Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

WILLIAM B. STEPHAN, J.D. - Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations

JOHN T. SLATTERY, Ph.D. - Dean of Graduate Studies

DAVID J. FULTON, Ph.D. - Chancellor of Indiana University East

MICHAEL A. WARTELL, Ph.D. - Chancellor of Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne

RUTH J. PERSON, Ph.D. - Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo

BRUCE W. BERGLAND, Ph.D. - Chancellor of Indiana University Northwest

UNA MAE RECK, Ph.D. - Chancellor of Indiana University South Bend

SANDRA R. PATTERSON-RANDLES, Ph.D. - Chancellor of Indiana University Southeast

Purdue University

MARTIN C. JISCHKE, Ph.D. - President


KENNETH P. BURNS, B.S. - Executive Vice President and Treasurer

MURRAY M. BLACKWELDER, M.P.A. - Senior Vice President for Advancement

JAMES S. ALMOND, M.B.A. - Vice President for Business Services and Assistant Treasurer

JOSEPH L. BENNETT, B.A. - Vice President for University Relations

JAMES R. BOTTUM Vice President for Information Technology

JOHN J. CONTRENI Interim Dean of the Graduate School

DON K. GENTRY, Ed.D. - Vice Provost for Engagement

GARY E. ISOM, Ph.D. - Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

WAYNE W. KJONAAS, B.S. - Vice President for Physical Facilities

RABINDRA N. MUKERJEA, M.A.S.C. - Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment

THOMAS B. ROBINSON, Ed.D. - Vice President for Student Services

ALYSA C. ROLLOCK, J.D. - Vice President for Human Relations

MARGARET M. ROWE, Ph.D. - Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

CHARLES O. RUTLEDGE Interim Vice Provost for Research

JOHN A. SAUTTER, MS. - Vice President for Housing and Food Services

TERRY STRUEH, B.S. - Vice Presidnet for Governmental Relations

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